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Applied research of natural processes

Documentation and numerical solution of the predicted natural processes

Ground surveying, sampling, testing, analyzing and interpreting measurements

  Applied research of natural processes

Research in the area of natural sciences with a unique concentration in geological sciences, especially in petroleum geology, hydrogeology, geochemistry and engineering geology:

- petroleum geology: research of exploration and production hydrocarbon accumulations, geological trap characteristics, lithology, stratigraphy, structural geology

- geochemistry: solving hydrocarbon genesis problems, migration of hydrocarbons into bearing traps, hydrochemistry

- hydrodynamics and reservoir engineering: research of boundary condition problems and hydrodynamic regime of the reservoirs and water bearing structures, evaluation of hydrocarbon reserves, calculation of recovery factor and production management

- hydrogeology: solving regional and local aquifer behaviour, mathematical modeling of flow, transport and reactive transport including the interaction with the rock environment

- investigation in the area of landslides, subsidence and stability of the soil

  Documentation and numerical solution of the          predicted natural processes

Documentation of the processes based on the compiled database, time arrangement and statistical evaluation, the creation of mathematical models solving the processes, the calibration of the models and processing the predicted development based on required scenarios:

- interpretation of measured results, numerical solutions and predicted natural processes focused on mathematical modeling of 1 to 3-phase flow in saturated and unsaturated zones

- mathematical modeling of transport and reactive transport in saturated and unsaturated zones

- 3 and more-phase mathematical modeling of flow in saturated zones

- interpretation of hydrodynamic tests of wells, FAF, ISO, Slug tests etc. on gas and oil wells

- interference tests and modeling

- probability modeling

- developing specific SW, databases and mathematical models based on finite differences and even finite elements

  Ground surveying, sampling, testing, analyzing          and interpreting measurements

Providing of measuring, sampling, testing in the field, executing methodology analytical procedures, securing analyses and interpreting measurements:

- implementation of ground surveys, measuring the level of groundwater, water sampling, gas sampling

- executing methodology measurements, sampling and analytical procedures

- extraction of soil samples, rock samples, investigation and evaluation of drilled cores, classification of soil, evaluation and interpretation of physical-mechanical analyses of rock and soil